Hawaii: Center of the Surfing World

Hawaii has the most diverse scenery, surf, and levels of surfing spots, that anyone could hope for. With an array of famous surf spots, such as The Bonzai pipeline, Waemea, Sunset, and Freedy land. The Tropical paradise of The Islands offers breathtaking views, beautiful accommodations, with lush jungle beaches awaiting your visit. Kauai, my favorite, has elevations up to 4000 feet, a cool mountain feel with large pine trees. Their grand Canyon is world renowned. Old water slides, spectacular diving, sailing, hiking, kayaking, and whale, sea turtle, and dolphin watching opportunities are in abundance. Yes, the world is your oyster, with some of the best romantic restaurants available on the ocean, in the world. There is nothing better than eating under tiki torch light at night on the waters edge.

You buy your air fare and we take you surfing with our expert guides in Oahu, Kauai, and on the big Island of Hawaii with famous Pro Surfer, Hollywood Stuntman and world renowned Bronze Artist Chris Barela. He can accompany and lifeguard you, while teaching the rules of the road at his favorite surfing spots. He is a master fisherman, with a boat. Allow us to plug you into the best qualified personnel ever put together in 6 different world class exotic surfing destinations.

Pick your island and water activities
Buy your own ticket and hotel. Camp sites available.
Pick Your level of desired assistance on your trip.
Pick ours brains for free.

We offer three levels:

Economy, we offer free information
Casual Traveler, guide $ 150.00 a day
Our First Class guides cost $ 250.00 a day

*Market prices subject to change