Costa Rica: The Ideal Tropical Paradise

Costa Rica is sometimes called “the Hawaii of Latin-American surfing” because there are thousands of beach breaks and tons of oceanfront. Rivers galore offer tons of river mouth breaks, especially on the Pacific. On the Caribbean side, you get great reef breaks.

Monster waves you don’t see much of. What you do see is good-size kilometer breaks that are consistent year ’round.
Because Costa Rica is so small, you can switch to another break rather easily if one isn’t working for you. Same thing for crowds (although crowds have not been the biggest problem here). Another big reason is the culture. The Costa Rica culture supports surfers, with surf shops, board rentals, bars, restaurants, hotels… there definitely is a strong vibe down here for surfing.

Come to Eugene Michelle’s Costa Rica paradise. Eugene’s unique, varied properties and cost in Domincal. A 22 year veteran American in Costa Rica. Eugene has become an icon in Domical. He is an incredible cook when preparing fresh fish, chicken, beef, or organic veggies in grand culinary fashion. Whether it is finding the best waves, food, jungle water falls, swimming, hiking, or taking a three star horse back trail ride with lunch, Eugene is the guide you want in Costa Rica. He will pick you up at the airport or get you great deals on rent-a-cars in San Jose. Then he’ll take you on a three hour drive through a 4000 foot elevated rain forest and then back into the tropics for all the water sports available known to man.

Costa Rica offers more varieties of trees, reptiles, fish, and exotic mammals than any other place in the world.

You buy your air fare and we take you surfing with our expert guide, while teaching the rules of the road at his favorite surfing spots. He is a master fisherman, with a boat. Allow us to plug you into the best qualified personnel ever put together in 6 different world class exotic surfing destinations.

Buy your own ticket and hotel. Camp sites are available.
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