Kip’s Specialties

What sets Kip apart from every other surfing instructor is that he is a pro surfer and an experienced ocean lifeguard, he’s on the Surfer’s Walk of Fame in Hermosa Beach, and the most experienced surfing instructor with decades of experience teaching junior lifeguards and pro surfers.

Kip’s expertise is unmatched in water safety and ocean knowledge. Having been an ocean lifeguard most of his life, his adherence to safety sets his water sessions apart from any other instructor’s water training scenarios. With forty years of teaching experience mixed with Middle Eastern and Asian philosophies, Kip creates a calm learning environment that is infused with light and safety.


  1. Swim, Stand Up Paddle board, and knee board lessons
  2. Junior Lifeguard comprehensive prep training
  3. Exotic family safe surfing trips to Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Mexico, El Salvador, and one of Kip’s favorites, the Liquid Magic Surf Resort in Costa Rica, with icon Eugene Mitchell, for the 40 years of experience surfing secret spots. And number one on Kip’s surfing tours list is Bali.
  4. Child ocean safety certification
  5. Surfing events, corporate, weddings, birthdays, beach parties, Bar Mitzvahs
  6. Pet and me surfing lessons
  7. On location aqua adventure expeditions
  8. Surf into your 80s longevity program
  9. Yoga and meditation.
  10. Surfing Lessons
  11. Geriatric surfing lessons
  12. Special needs surfing classes. Surf and water therapy. For example, teaching the blind how to surf (and see the waves)
  13. Mommy and Me or Daddy and Me infant or toddler ocean introduction program
Private surfing lessons with Kip Jerger – $300/hr.

Kip surfing